By Bhai Khan Solangi  In Sindh and other provinces of Pakistan, farmers spray toxic chemicals (pesticides) on cotton, vegetables, oilseeds and fruit crops. The pesticides have brought positive results in boosting production but many chemicals have caused resistance in pest...
SARGODHA: The processing of orange has started in the region for ensuring the maximum export of Kinnow across the world and its contribution in national exchequer is also expected during the current season. The Kinnow processing for export to international...

Wheat Cultivation

Introduction: Wheat (Triticum spp.) occupies the prime position among the food crops in the world. In Pakistan, it is the second important food crop being next to rice and contributes to the total foodgrain production of the country to the...


Pakistan's first online fresh vegetables store. Every morning we bring fresh vegetables from Sabzi Mandi. We deliver very high quality fresh organic vegetables and prices are very low as compare to local vegetable store. We update prices for vegetables...

Rice production in Pakistan

Rice production in pakistan holds an extremely important position in agriculture and the national economy. Pakistan is the world's 4th largest producer of rice. Rice is an important kharif crop. Each year, it produces an average of 6 million tonnes...

Food Evolution

Food Evolution looks at one of the most critical questions facing the world today-that of food security-and demonstrates the desperate need for common sense, solid information, and calm logical deliberation. Using the often angry and emotional controversy over genetically-modified...
Cash crop

Cropping system

Cropping systems vary among farms depending on the available resources and constraints; geography and climate of the farm; government policy; economic, social and political pressures; and the philosophy and culture of the farmer.

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